The Collective Begins

Hello there, dear coworker!

We have come to realize that the economy is changing, and therefore the way in which people work is changing as well. The internet has revolutionized so many things, from sharing photos to watching TV to dating, and over at 76107 collective, we believe that the next major shift in our society will be one to a culture of entrepreneurship and sharing.

Rent is getting higher and so are expectations when it comes to running a small business. Therefore, many of us are now searching for an affordable, professional workspace that we are not responsible for maintaining, but that offers us all of the benefits of a working office (and more!) while removing the hassle so many small business owners feel when trying to move their businesses from their couch or dining room into the real world.

The transition from working from home to an office can be tough, but it is key to taking your business to the next level. We aim to create and cultivate shared workspaces in which creatives and entrepreneurs can thrive while building their business on a budget.

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