Current Exhibition: “…and in the end: thoughts on fragile systems”

Mary Elizabeth Phillips


Mary Elizabeth Phillips found a fascination and love for pattern, color and design during her graduate fellowship at Appalachian State University while working on her MS in Plant Ecology in the mid 1990’s.  She took up painting and collage, using the rich botanical life of the western North Carolina mountains as her subject matter, and quickly discovered a career in The Arts.  The visual details that describe the natural world continue to be her focus inform her work today.

Mary Elizabeth lives and works with her husband, Eddie, in Mansfield, Texas.  Self-taught artists with an emphasis on mixed media pieces, the couple will often collaborate on projects that can be found throughout the state.  Their growing popularity has made them local favorites with both private collectors and corporate clients – particularly for their large, outdoor installations.  Mary and Eddie co-own Blue Goat Garden & Glass Studios as well as Lil’ Blue Goat, a micro-gallery in Downtown Mansfield.

Since 2019 Mary Elizabeth has been working under the name Wallace Green, a tribute to her rural mountain heritage and biological identity.  Her current passion is a multi-media exploration of fragility and fragile systems with an emphasis on the human relationship to self, community and habitat.