Beloved Artisan Goods

jill black

Jill Black, Owner of Amada

Jill has a strong passion for her community and a desire to help support local entrepreneurs right here in Fort Worth.

Jill has an affinity for eclectic home decor and art, especially Mexican Folk Art, so she has opened one of the spaces at The 107 to start her business called “Amada”, the Spanish word for beloved or a treasured item, where she will sell “beloved artisan goods”.

Part of the inspiration for having this retail business after working in real estate for the last 18 years was because of an extraordinary man named Charlie. Jill is hoping to market her own business by telling Charlie’s amazing story. Charlie was born with a disability yet has demonstrated that there are no limits when passion is involved. A man with a big heart, he seeks to help other disabled people like himself by showing them how to do great things. Out of about 50 employees, 25 percent of them are disabled.

Charlie and his team make candles that many of the Catholic churches use in their churches, but he also makes glasses. If you have ever been to the Hotel Emma in San Antonio, you may have seen these beautifully etched glasses. Charlie helps his local workers learn this amazing trade and as a result, gives them purpose, meaning, and a way to provide for themselves and their families. Jill likes knowing she can offer her customers a unique item that also helps her friend Charlie and the rest of his team.

AMADA is open by appointment only

The above excerpt was taken from an interview with Jennifer Kieta, an author at Tanglewood Moms.
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