One Tiny Acre

Denise Acebo, Owner

Denise is a one-woman show where she makes handmade soaps from natural products. She prides her craft on being vegan, so there are no animal fats and no palm oil. Everything from the soaps to how she packages them is earth-friendly. The trade was handed down from family, and Denise adjusted the ingredients to fit her vegan lifestyle. “I prefer to do everything by hand.  I even prefer to sweep rather than vacuum the floor.”

Denise gets some of her inspiration by whatever is growing in her garden. She grows all of her botanicals in her backyard on “one tiny acre,” hence, the name of her business! Going back to how she got started, Denise said that when she made it for herself for the first time, she was fascinated by the chemical process: “to watch oil and lye water chemically bond before my very eyes was just so cool!”

Denise has a wide selection of scents available in her handmade soaps, such as Lavender, Green Tea & Ginger, as well as some more masculine scents, like one named “Husband #2”.  Denise also knits washcloths by hand. 

In addition to her handmade soaps and washcloths, Denise also offers an array of other locally sourced gift items.

One Tiny Acre is Open 

This excerpt was taken from an interview with author Jennifer Kieta from Tanglewood Moms.  
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